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Me My name is Espen Dalløkken and I live and work in Oslo, Norway. I got my first paid job as a programmer in 1998 and have been doing that since. I have worked for companies such as Razorfish (the old .com Razorfish),Bekk ConsultingFast, Search & Transfer, Open AdExchange, EzmoStatens pensjonskasse and Finn.no. In my early days I did consulting, but since then I worked in product organizations. Currently I am employed at Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK). If you want all the details you can just checkout out my linkedIn profile.

I am one of the founders of the Web Rebels Confernce, which is a hard core web developer conference in hosted in Oslo, Norway.

I love to do talks about things I really care about. In the beginning I did talks just to get into conferences. However after the first couple of talks I began to love being on stage talking about things that matter to me.


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