Min Jævla Prosess – My Damn Process

Photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/vegard/15041090974/

Photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/vegard/15041090974/

I realized today that my way of doing things is really quite simple, so I decided to write it down:
This is my natural way of doing things. However, not everyone follow this simple three step process. It is like my current boss said: “I assume you just set off down a hill when you go skiing”. My response was: “Of course, I always do that. Don’t you?”. If you know everything about the terrain and have identified all the possible consequences, to me, you have removed all the fun.

It’s like Mater in Cars says when he does his backwards-driving: “I don’t need to see where I’m going, because I know were I’ve been”


The paragraphs above was  a post I wrote in 2014, but never published for some reason. Having just published “Giving advice” I definitely see the irony of having written this post. I hope this means I’m wiser and not just older.

Luckily I did add a comment to the Gist, which slightly balanced the tabloid 3-step process:

Additional activites you can / should do during step 3:

  • you should worry about wether what you started if this is a good thing
  • you should never think about all the consequences until you encounter them
  • you should check to see if the thing you envisioned is correct solution
  • you should be afraid when you start, if not you’re playing it too safe
  • you should always second guess and doubt your decision on starting on the endavor
  • and for the love of God, have some fun while doing all this.

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