Meta post

A post about writing a post. Only thing more meta would be a post about writing a post about a post. Or something..

Writing has never been something I’ve enjoyed. In school I never had the calm to bother writing correctly when it came to spelling and things. My joy of writing was killed off when I wrote an essay I was really proud of and all the teacher said was: “should not write such violent stories”. It was about a hunting accident.

Fast-forward into my professional life some thirty years later and I have written many blog posts. Usually I do it to get something off my chest or out of my head. Sometimes I write a snarky tweet or rant, but there are times when I need more than a tweet. I’ve got a huge Evernote notebook entitle “neverposts”, it’s filled with stuff I can’t publish for different reasons but I had to write in order to move on.

When I do write something I publish on a blog I usually write it from start to finish and hit publish. I might read it over, but I am rarely capable of seeing mistakes in spelling or bad compositions. This of course means that most of my posts doesn’t really make all that much sense to anyone but me. Lately I’ve had less things to get out of my head and therfore I thought: maybe I should try and become better at writing these things? I’ve read you can do that. There’s methods and techniques which enables you to communicate your story better.

That’s what I’m going to do for my next post. It won’t be perfect, but at least I’ll give it a shot. Wish me luck :) if you got tips or pointers, leave a comment!

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