DIY Wii – the IoT gaming console from our hackathon

This years FINNovasjonsdagen aka Hackathon was the most fun! It started off with me and Gard just wanting to do something with Node and hardware. Gards knows everything about hardware hardware and electronics, I know Node and front end so it was perfect match. We got Espen on our team too who’s also skilled in hardware.

Here are some of the things we did:
– light up a sensor on a moving hello kitty with a head mounted light
– tapping to make it move
– a camera recording the player using the arcade
– a skull-on-a-pole which had a LED which displayed the score and with a speaker where it laughed an evil laugh when the game ended

We setup a github organization in order to make it easier for others to contribute to the project after the hackathon. You can checkout out on Be warned, the “game engine” is completely useless and terrible. This is not something that you can download and it just works. It’s just the end result of 24 hours of working at a frantic pace.

I haven’t had this much fun programming in years! We didn’t win the hackathon, but we were the first team to get money to carry out our idea. We’re going to build an arcade which HR at can use at conferences and stuff. What started out as two people just wanting to do something fun ended up being the most useful idea of all. That is actual innovation, just without all the ceremonies.

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