Here’s to new opportunities!

Four years ago I finally got the chance to join what my brother once told me was an awesome company, back in the 1990ies: Circumstances had it that they wrote an amazing advert for a front end position which really triggered my interest. Four years later the time has come for me to embark on a new adventure. “When you get the opportunity to get on a space rocket you don’t ask which seat, you just get on that rocket” (quote from Ruchi Sanghvi in Offscreen #9), that’s what I have done. December 1st I join the team at Erupt!

Working at Finn has been an amazing experience and the company is one of its kind in Norway. I have had the privilege of working with most teams at FINN. Spanning from Ops, sales, design, HR, analytics team, customer service and numerous development teams. The energy of working in a company with a large variety in skills has been great. FINN has been the first place I have worked were I could be myself 100%. Thanks to everyone who works hard to make FINN a company were this is possible, even for someone like me. I have learned so many new things about being a leader and about myself, way too much for one simple post.

My assignment when joining was to give front-end engineering the position and impact it deserved in the company. Wether I have succeeded or not is for others to decide, but it has been quite a journey taken with some really talented and cool people. The last couple of years I had the honor of leading a team of amazing developers on the Front-end Core Team. We accomplished things that were unheard of and we did it like Frank Sinatra: “our way”. I was given the freedom to setup a team who got to focus on their craft and to be experts and it has been awesome to see the strides we have taken to make working with front-end development at more fun (but there is still more a lot of work to be done, for sure). Seeing a new generation of developers coming through the ranks at Finn who’s got passion, enthusiasm and fearlessness means us dinosaurs have to step up our game !

The list of people who deserve a virtual hug is just too long to put in a post. Not a day has gone by since putting in my notice that I hadn’t felt sad about leaving. Luckily that feeling exists alongside the excitement of starting something new from scratch at Erupt!

I want to thank everyone I have had the pleasure of working with at Thanks for all the support, the fun, the frustrations, the knowledge and thanks for being an amazing place to work. I will miss you all and hugs goes out to everyone

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