Influences and context

You read something or listen to somebody say something in a talk. Sometimes you think: “hey, this is really great and makes a lot of sense”. You go back to your job and apply what you learned. The missing piece here is this: you can’t just take the thought and methods somebody else came up with in a different context and apply them directly think you will achieve the same results.
You will see this time and time again. Somebody got inspired and then without context applies it to his or her job. It is lunacy.

Even though this is lunacy, businesses and people all over the world do this. The proof for this statement lies in the amount of gurus and thought leaders making a living giving general advice.
The fault does not lie with those who make a living doing this. Everyone is free to make their living as they self choose as long as it doesn’t harm anyone. The fault lies with us. The people who do this without thinking or silently ablige when someone else does this.

When you see a quote and a name in a slide. You usually know it’s all down hill from there on.

It is perfectly fine to get inspired and learn from others. That is how we grow and aquire new insights. What is not fine is doing so without thinking. Applying methods without considering the context _you are in_ and how that might influence your new found ideas. Blindly applying methods that worked for someone is not a good thing and it will never provide you with the envisioned end result.

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